About me

My name is Stella Darsakli and I am an Interior Designer/Visual Merchandiser from Athens (Greece), currently based in the United States. Here is a bit of my professional journey into the world of decoration and its different aspects.

After studying in the Electrical Engeeniring department of  the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) in the city of Lamia, I decided to finally turn my true passion into a career. Thus, I studied Interior Design in AKTO Art & Design School in Athens.

Having obtained my degree, I entered the children furniture market as an executive child room decoration consultant in Laro Company. However, the window displays were calling me, so I took a deep breath and dived into the visual merchandising sector, working for the biggest Greek child fashion brand, Lapin House. For 7 years in a row, I was responsible for designing window displays, planning visual merchandising, and enhancing the general layout of all Lapin House stores throughout Greece and abroad. My main goal was to create a unique experience for the customers and thus improve the sales for the company.

Nowadays, I reside in Florida and I am ready to employ my knowledge, the skills I have acquired from my previous experience, and my European aesthetics in the American market. Take a look at my work and let us discuss your ideas to turn them into reality.